Bartlett Kindergarten Center

Albert Bartlett (1880-1953)
Albert Bartlett was born and raised in Haverhill, attending Haverhill High School before graduating from Dartmouth College. Bartlett returned to his hometown and served as the Vice Principal of Haverhill High School, Principal of Bradford High School, Superintendent of Schools, and served as Mayor. He published many books on education and the history of Haverhill and worked tirelessly throughout his career to make his city a great place to live and learn.


ABC Annex Vision Statement:

We as a  community strive to provide a positive, happy, and nurturing environment where students, staff, and families are respected, appreciated, encouraged, and supported. We will work together to provide a high, developmentally appropriate academic expectations so that children can reach their full potential and become life-long learners.

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  • Absence Protocol


    If your child is absent from school, please call the school office at (978) 469-8735. You can also leave a message on the school’s answering machine.

  • Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

    helpAM Arrival 8:30-8:45AM: All students will enter the building through the main entrance located to the right of the parking lot, as we did today. Staff will assist your child in getting to their classroom or breakfast, if they’ve signed up.

    PM Dismissal: Please remember that there is NO PARKING on the left side of Westford Street – The signs are clearly posted. If you are unable to find parking on a side street, we ask that you drive up on the right side of the street near the school to pick up your child. Staff will bring the students out to begin Walker dismissals. Once you have your child, we ask that you return to your car promptly, allowing other cars to pull up the street.

    If the line is long and there is no room, please drive around the block and patiently wait for the line to move. We also ask that you remember that this is dismissal time, and teachers are very busy dismissing all the students, including bus students, and can’t become engaged in lengthy conversations. You can always call the school 978-469-8735 to speak with your child’s teacher should you have any questions or concerns.

    This also allows the buses to come up the street for our bus students, once the Walkers have been dismissed and the vehicles have vacated the premises. We are fully aware how frustrating this can become, and we ask that you adhere to these arrival and dismissal procedures, and we ask that you do not make 3 point turns anywhere on Westford Street for the safety of all of our students and families. If we all work together we can make arrival and dismissal a pleasant experience for everyone!!


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