Bartlett K – 2

  • First Grade Supply List

    Mrs. Gallagher First Grade Supply List
    1 Black and White Composition Notebook
    3 One Subject Notebooks (red, yellow, green)
    5 Folders (red, yellow, green, blue and one your choice of design)
    Erasers and eraser tops
    Colored Pencils
    Glue (liquid and glue stick)
    Plastic Pencil Case
    1 Clean Sock (to be used as whiteboard erasers)
    General Wish List
    White Board Markers
    Paper Towels
    Fantastik Liquid Cleaner
    Sharpie Black Markers
    Hand Sanitizer
    Large Glue Sticks
    Baby Wipes
    Clorox Wipes

    Miss Todd’s First Grade Supply List

    1 – 1-inch 3-ring binder (with a clear pocket on the front.)

    -dry erase markers (3 Thick and 3 Thin)

    6 -Glue Sticks

    1 -container white liquid glue

    2 -pocket folders (plain colors- no design)

    1 –Box Crayons (24) UNOPENED

    1 -box #2 pencils

    2 -Erasers (large pink)

    1- package eraser tops (erasers on top of the pencil)

    1 -pair rounded scissors

    1 -Backpack

    1 -Pack- Washbable Markers (UNOPENED)

    1 -pack index cards

    1 -pencil box

    1- secure water bottle for your child to keep on his/her desk


    Wish list Items that could be donated at anytime

    ·      tissues

    ·      books

    ·      small items for prize box

    ·      paper towels

    ·      dry erase markers

    ·      cleaning wipes

    ·      healthy snacks

    ·      colored gel pens

    ·      card stock paper

    ***ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE sneakers for gym

    **Please write your child’s name on all supplies in permanent marker.

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